Patient Testimonials


We are leaders in the emerging field of pain care intervention and pursue minimally invasive
treatments to provide our patients with relief, allowing them to live improved lives.

Because its your own body healing itself, the [bone marrow] stem cell procedure with Dr Binegar felt safer to me and worked wonders! Nothing else I tried had worked up to that point and I felt so frustrated that my pain would never heal. It took a little time to heal up but the results were worth being patient-99% improved! This far exceeded my expectations.

Steve B.

Pain Care Boise is amazing! The administrative and clinical staff are wonderful. I’ve had PRP injections for a torn meniscus in my knee and stem cell treatment for arthritis in my hip. I’ve had great results with both! I’m so happy that Dr. Binegar has helped me maintain my athletic lifestyle. Thank you Pain Care Boise!

Jenni D
San Franscisco

Dr. Binegar has the most organized team of professionals I have experienced in the medical profession. Everyone in this office treated me as if I were the only patient. I will refer everyone to Dr. Binegar.

Twin Falls

I have and will tell my friends that Dr. Binegar saved my life…literally. I couldn’t bare the pain any longer. I wanted to die if this was all my life would be. Thank you all so much.


The staff at Pain Care Boise is always so pleasant, helpful, compassionate and thorough. Dr. Binegar takes the time to explain condition, prognosis and alternative choices of treatment. I feel confident in his care of me.

Mieke Holloway

Thank you very much. You have helped me a great deal. I have come a very long way thanks to Pain Care Boise!


This is the only doctor’s office and/or clinic that I look forward to going for any problem. I have found Dr. Binegar to be honest and caring. The nursing and post-procedure staff are excellent and are also very knowledgeable. I couldn’t ask for better.