PRP: Platelet-Rich Plasma


Athletes commonly have injuries to tendons (tendinosis, tendonitis, partial or complete tears) and ligaments (sprains, strains, or tears). Tendons and ligaments do not have as good of a blood supply as other soft tissues in the body, and thus heal very slowly or sometimes the healing process will even stall due to scar tissue or pain causing immobility.

PRP utilizes your body’s own blood platelets to release an abundance of growth factors to help speed up the healing of strains or tears of tendons, ligaments, or cartilage in or around the joints. Platelets also release chemotactic factors, which attract stem cells to the site of injury. Stem cells will then transform into the cell type needed to repair the damaged tissue. As examples, stem cells may become tenocytes to lay down new tendon or become chondrocytes to lay down new cartilage. With PRP therapy, we inject your own concentrated platelets and healing factors directly into the site of injury to stimulate a quicker recovery.

At Pain Care Boise, we are highly skilled at the use of ultrasound imaging. This allows us to see and DIAGNOSE the exact injury site. Also with ultrasound, we are able to precisely place the PRP at the correct injury site. Typically, 1-4 injections are done 4-6 weeks apart.

World class athletes from professional sports, the Olympics, and the local weekend warriors(egs golfers, tennis players, body builders) are now taking advantage of this low-risk procedure with high healing capacity to get them competing again. Now even the elderly are finding benefits with PRP for osteoarthritis, allowing them to be more active and avoiding or delaying total joint surgery.

Common indications for PRP: